Celebrate: A Fresh Start for 2015

It’s Saturday and time to Celebrate this week with Ruth Ayers. Find other celebration posts herecelebrate link up

Five things I loved about last week.

ONE: A clean, organized closet and garage.  I go through this process every year, but I don’t believe I have ever seen our garage as clutter free as it is now. Everything has a place and it is put away. I know it won’t last, but for now it is quite refreshing.

TWO:  Not having to set an alarm. Nuff said.

imagesTHREE: My cute little Chromebook, a Christmas present for my classroom.  We have iPads which I am grateful for, but I have high hopes for this little baby. iPads have their powers, but to write, to blog they have limitations. I hope the kids take to the Chromebook as I have with its great keyboard and internet search abilities. And I hope for more of these lovely little devices. Maybe it will inspire some to buy one for their homes or for our classroom. As long as you have wifi access, for  about $200 they are a sweet deal.

FOUR: One little word(s) have been sprouting up everywhere on Twitter. Many of you who celebrate weekly have been doing it for years. I tried it out for the first time last year.  I love the simple idea that one little word can guide your thinking, your focus for the year. It’s sort of a mantra, a subtle undertone, or  soundtrack for your year. Last year, my OLW, wonder led me on a great journey, and it is still with me. This year I’m growing my ideas around my new OLW, listen. I loved listening to Elise Cripe interview Ali Edwards on her OLW journey.  Check out Ali’s blog foe some wonderful resources.

FIVE: Beginning #Nerdlution15. Last year nerdlution was born as a way to spread the nerdy (think Nerdy Book Club) attitude in other places of our lives. The idea is to commit to something for 50 days in order to create a new habit or mindset. This year I chose just one goal: to write about a word (of my choosing) every day.  My “rules” are here.


created by Kristi Mraz

Today’s word: Mediate.

Mediate. In the middle.Often between two extremes. Looking to find a point where both sides are at ease. The job of a mediator is one who has to guide or help find that sweet spot of comfort. Where the polar opposites can sit beside one another in peace. I have been the mediator. This has been my job of late, to mediate. I picked up the phone to call my brother. Not an easy call. Part of mediating seems to be measured honesty. I know that does not sound complete. Maybe it is better to see steps in mediation as sticking your toe in the water, just a bit. Showing a bit of the truth, getting people used to the idea so they can put themselves a little further into the lake. One person on one side, the other across the lake. Mediation takes place on the wooden raft in the middle. To get there it is a bit scary for all parties and the mediator has the very difficult job of coaxing each party closer towards that warm safe raft in the middle.


Happy Celebrations and Nerdlutions to all.

10 thoughts on “Celebrate: A Fresh Start for 2015

  1. Love your commitment to the one word a day. Hope you can continue during school days. Maybe get the kids to join you. This line jumped out at me “sticking your toe in the water, just a bit.” Reminded me of this Norah Jones song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD_1ATjDxAU

    Should I do a Donors Choose for Chromebooks? You’ve got me thinking…

    • I hope I can keep up too and YES I was planning on working with my students as well sort of a word study/writing adventure! Love that Norah Jones song I didn’t think of it until you mentioned it. I love the writing for five minutes. Have never done it before and wow! I have to do some thinking before I write but the actual writing is only for five. I wonder how I could do this effectively with kids. And yes to the Chromebook — at least try for one. Then you can experiment. What are you using currently.

  2. Next week, it will be difficult to wake up to an alarm, won’t it? I hope you find lots of ways to use your new Chromebook in your classroom. We were lucky enough to go 1:1 with Chromebooks this year and I love it! Have a great week!

    • Full disclosure.. I have one more week off. But you know how that goes.. I’ll be in the classroom getting ready.Thinking of you. Glad to hear you love Chromebooks!

  3. Although I still wake early, without the alarm is a distinct pleasure to celebrate, Julieanne. I enjoyed your words about mediating, believe also they connect with your OLW, listen. Best wishes with that & with your nerdlution-great goal!

  4. Ooooohhh, an organized garage…. I would really like to have that happen. It’s too cold to be in the garage right now, but I say every spring I’m going to clean it up…
    I’d love to have some extra time to sleep but unfortunately the alarm still got me up!
    Enjoy the last 2 days!

  5. We, the language arts classes, got chromebooks this year. They are really nice and it didn’t take long for the kids to use to the change. We also have MacBooks but they are for the whole grade level – 200+ kids! Great celebrations today and I look forward to reading more with your one word challenge!

  6. Isn’t it lovely to have clean, organized spaces? My son organized our mudroom/recycling center yesterday and it looks wonderful! I really like the idea of writing for 5 minutes a day and seeing what comes after you’ve already thought of your topic and focus.

  7. A word a day – an interesting challenge you are posing for yourself. 365 words. I think you are going to have fun and it will be very interesting to see later what words you picked.

  8. With your fresh start for 2015, you took on an enormous task-50 words for 50 days but it will be a wonderful glossary for all of us. I hope you meet me on the Winter Whisperings Gallery. Got a word for that?

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