Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

Welcome, beautiful  Poetry Friday Poets!

I chose to host this week as a birthday gift to myself. Receiving your lovely contributions will extend my celebration throughout the weekend. So thanks to all who connect!

This time next week I will be in school with my new set of kiddos introducing poetry.

In previous years, I held poetry back
till later in the year.
Because  we needed to get to the “important” things,
because it was “too fun” for the beginning of school,
because I was saving it for the “just right” time,
because I wasn’t sure about how it “should” go.

But this year,

I’m not holding back.
I’m starting first thing.
Because poetry is where important things start and end,
because poetry can feel like play and what better way to learn,
because the right time for poetry is when readers and writers meet
because if allowed,
poetry can direct the adventure.

This year I’m not holding back.


Next Thursday, the day with the least interruptions and the most possibility, and every Thursday after that, we will venture.









35 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

  1. WOW! It’s my birthday TODAY. And, I have many thoughts about returning to school on Monday. I will not hold back with poetry either. Poetry and poetic thinking is more essential than ever!

    Happy Birthday to you. I worked on a post to share today…and like you it involves my passion…what I’ve been doing and where I’m headed into this school year.

    Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday this week. Last week it took me until Wednesday to make it through all the links….but I did. I feel so rich for all the lovely offerings.

  2. I love your passion for starting the year with poetry. My favorite line (I think!) is “Because poetry is where important things start and end.” Good luck heading back to school next week and have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Julieanne! Since you’ve inspired me with this enthusiastic post, I have no doubt you’ll do the same with your kiddos next week. Wishing you a bright and brilliant school year! (And thanks for hosting PF, too.)

  4. Happy Birthday! All the best for the coming school year, too. I once read of a teacher who, on the wall where her kids lined up in the classroom each day (to go to lunch, gym, etc.), would post line one of a five-line poem on Monday. Line two added on Tuesday. Line three on Wednesday. And so on. She said that by the end of each week, the kids had memorized a complete poem. It struck me as a great, unobtrusive, way to make poetry part of her class’s daily routine. Good luck!

  5. Hurray for celebrating life and poetry! I hope your birthday has been fabulous, and huzzah for not holding back! Thanks for hosting, Julianne!

  6. Happy Birthday Julieanne, Linda and Margaret. That’s a wee-bit amazing. I love that you’re not holding back on your love of poetry, Julianne. May your year sing because of it!

  7. What a fantastic objective to pursue Julieanne. Launching your year in celebration of poetic pearls! A sprinkling of verse in the presence of curious learners. The promise of great things lies in this deliberate intent. Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday, Julieanne. What a great Happy Poetry Hostess gift you gave to yourself. I can’t wait to see what your students will do this year with their writing. Being poets early on is a gift that you will give them because you are not holding back.

  9. Happy Birthday! My poem today fits with your slice yesterday — starting back to school/roller coaster.

    Hurray for Poetry Thursday in your classroom! So much good comes from such a small routine/ritual. Can’t wait to hear success stories on Fridays here!

  10. Happy birthday, Julianne! My apologies if I commented twice…I could not find my comment from this morning. Thank you for hosting today on your birthday and for sharing this poem of commitment. I love a year beginning with poetry, and if you’d be interested in sharing your poem (resharing!) at The Poem Farm along with a post about how it all goes, I’d love to host you. Too, I’m looking for poems this first semester – children’s poems – for a book…in case you would like to share any. Have a glorious weekend! – amy (amy@amylv.com)

  11. Happy birthday, Julianne. I trust your special day has been the best ever. I think I need to put your last line in my motivational quotes, “This year I’m not holding back.” Thank you for hosting today. I shared a bit about my Poetry Notebook.

  12. I’m back later to add my birthday greetings and to thank you also for reminding me not to wait until “everything” is settled down to begin the poetry. This year I think we’ll go with Day 1, Poetry Monday! I would love to hear (if you haven’t already posted it) what exactly you will do on your Poetry Thursdays! Thank you for hosting at a busy time of year.

  13. Happy Birthday, Julieanne, and thank you for hosting! What a great way to celebrate! We’ve made a commitment to introducing poetry early and keeping it front and center because, as you so wisely note, “poetry is where important things start and end.”

  14. Hope it was a fabulous birthday and that you are NOT spending all weekend in your classroom! Begining with a passion and pearls of poetry – what an amazing beginning for the students. I think poetry should be sprinkled more judiciously everywhere during the year. Love putting poetry into the content areas across the year!

    You will have a fabulous 2016-17 school year!

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