Poetry Friday: Irises



It’s the last day of the first week of school. The bloom of excitement is beginning to wilt with fatigue. Adrenaline no longer feeds the morning and the days are still hot, hot, hot.

Walking into Trader Joe’s, I spied my favorite flower.

a shock of sunlight within violet blue
hearty, unfussy
Van Gogh irises.

collected in a vase
interiors with memories
of field life.

hummingbirds and butterflies
your world until — now
summer’s end grace my desk.

your light
as days grow short and nights cool
goddess of the rainbow.

Thank you to Doraine Bennett at Dori Reads for hosting today’s roundup.

22 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Irises

  1. Beautiful capture of the memories, especially returning to ‘field life’, Julieanne.. I know of that first week, the days filled with happy times, but routine tires at first. Enjoy the Friday & the weekend!

  2. Sporting
    A poem within the poem….these beauties can handle it….they are not shrinking violets, after all!
    Wishing you a breath of energy…..pace yourself is what I tell others and wish my own self could master.

  3. I enjoyed your poem. I haven’t dabbled in poetry writing for awhile but you post has inspired me. And yes, your flowers are beautiful. Be sure to take a few moments to enjoy them.

  4. “a shock of sunlight within violet blue” — lovely description! Did you know cut flowers have been found to lower blood pressure? I think they work that way for me. I hope the weather cools off soon!

  5. I’m impressed at your ability to manage such a stellar poem during the first week of school! Nicely done!

  6. Such beautiful bright flowers to brighten the end of the week. “Memories of field life” and walking with you gathering wild flowers. Makes me miss you more.

  7. What a great pick-me-up you found, and what a lovely tribute to the “sacrifice” of the irises.

    Happy end of first week! Now the real work begins, eh? 🙂

  8. Your irises are beautiful, as are your words. Settle into the rhythm of the race now that the adrenaline is gone. There are flowers to admire all along the way.

  9. It’s hard to focus on school when it still feels like summer outside! School really shouldn’t start until October, or at least that’s how I always felt as a little girl, especially when you live in Canada and summer is such a fleeting joy! 🙂

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