A Slice of Book Buying Blindness

This is a slice of extreme stupidity. A lot of moments could fit this description, but this one is undeniably one of my worst.

I buy books. A lot of books. I feel guilty about it especially when the charges from Amazon come in. But something happened last night that took my breath away.

“What is this charge for $1,750?” my husband asked. “From Amazon Market Place.”

I had no idea. No one item I’ve ever purchase cost that much.

On the phone with Amazon, looking up my purchases, oh, my go…

If you’re familiar with Amazon, there are often many options, ways to buy. New and used books. When I purchased this book, I thought I was choosing the new product labeled $19.95. That’s what was in the box right below the title. It was a bit pricey, but so many had recommended it, I clicked.  I had no idea.

Turns out in the right-hand corner, there’s another box. Same book. Same quality. Different price. $1,750. That was the one I ordered.


Heart stopping.

Impossible. Unbelievable. Undoable?

The woman on the phone from Amazon heard my reaction once I realized what had happened (just imagine) as my husband continued the conversation as to how to rectify my horrific one-click.

I heard her voice, “I assume your wife wants to return the item.”

At this point, I feel like “that person” who buys ridiculous things on late night infomercials.

Ahhh, yes, please!

She tells my husband, an email has been sent from Amazon to the seller, requesting a return label.

Does that mean I can return it?

It’s a beautiful book. But oh my. How could a book be so expensive?  It seemed so innocent, sitting on my bedside table. Especially when it was available for a mere $19.95.

Right now I’m praying to the bookselling gods: please send the return label.

And to my husband: I promise to never one-click again.

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