Poetry Friday: Lists

This morning, my list-making started.

Up and writing, those lists infiltrated my notebook pages.
Onward to read After by Jane Hirshfield. “To Wake at 3:00” hit me.
Those things said and not said.
Things I should have done and those I can not undo.

To Wake at 3:00

To wake at 3:00
and not want to go back to sleep
is different
from waking and wanting
not to go back to sleep.

(read the rest here)

Driven by these thoughts,
I go to my uninhabited classroom to
dig through my poetry books.
I find Joyce Sidman’s book What the Heart Knows and this poem:

A List of Things That Will Set You Free

A voice.
A touch.
Not caring.

Saying to yourself:
I am too old to do this.
I am too young to do this.
I am too smart to do this.
It’s not my fault.
It is my fault, and  I will fix it.

I can do this.

Ah yes.

The List

started as
The week ended
At the top of
A notebook page
Manageable To-dos
One thing and

Details bleed into
The margins
Refusing to turn the
For fear they’d be

Off to do and read other posts found on this week’s Poetry Friday link up hosted by Penny Parker Klostermann.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Lists

  1. I just discovered bullet journals, and while I probably won’t buy one, I enjoyed looking at the variety shared on Pinterest. And I enjoyed this ‘journey’ of lists you just took us on, Julieanne, especially that ending: “Refusing to turn the
    For fear they’d be
    Forgotten.” Thanks for all!

  2. Oh, those darn lists. But I do love that you found your way to a list poem. Love the idea of keeping the page open so it won’t be forgotten. My lists are getting buried and forgotten which just heightens the stress level.

  3. Really enjoyed your list of lists. Your last list looks a lot like mine, although if seriously out of room, I will break down, draw a very showy arrow, and write on the other side. I also really like the beginning of this poem, and how the title flows into the body just like your list flows into the new week.

  4. Julieanne, I just read your last ten posts–couldn’t stop scrolling down! Thanks for sharing all your experiences, your insights, your expertise, your foibles. Just make sure you own your lists and not the other way around! (I speak from experience.)

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