Celebrate: Feeding the Library

Ever since a book ordering mishap, I’ve been a bit skittish about Amazon shopping. But, a few things happened this week. I had no choice. I had to buy books.

First, an overheard conversation.

“You want this book?”
“Sure. I don’t care.”

Compliance. It’s the last thing I want when it comes to reading.

That evening, cleaning up the library, I threw out three well-worn books. The book baskets looked sad. Tattered. Bottom line: we need to feed classroom libraries. Books wear out and disappear. Different book tastes appear. Students need to consume books. Continually. And not just any book. A book they want to read.

That evening, I read NCTE’s Council Chronicle article “No Longer Invisible- How Diverse Literature Helps Children Find Themselves in Books and Why it Matters.”   Read and venture onto the many links in this article.

That evening, I read through the book recommendations of my students. The authors they love and pass on to each other.

Today, I shopped for books. Books about football, superheroes, dogs, divas, and middle school kids. Books with characters that look like my students and are about what they care about; what they dream about.

Today, I’m celebrating books that kids will pass from kid to kid. Books they’ll read in math. Books I will not get back. Books that, if I do get back, will be so worn I’ll have to throw out.



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