Celebrate: Feeding the Library

Ever since a book ordering mishap, I’ve been a bit skittish about Amazon shopping. But, a few things happened this week. I had no choice. I had to buy books.

First, an overheard conversation.

“You want this book?”
“Sure. I don’t care.”

Compliance. It’s the last thing I want when it comes to reading.

That evening, cleaning up the library, I threw out three well-worn books. The book baskets looked sad. Tattered. Bottom line: we need to feed classroom libraries. Books wear out and disappear. Different book tastes appear. Students need to consume books. Continually. And not just any book. A book they want to read.

That evening, I read NCTE’s Council Chronicle article “No Longer Invisible- How Diverse Literature Helps Children Find Themselves in Books and Why it Matters.”   Read and venture onto the many links in this article.

That evening, I read through the book recommendations of my students. The authors they love and pass on to each other.

Today, I shopped for books. Books about football, superheroes, dogs, divas, and middle school kids. Books with characters that look like my students and are about what they care about; what they dream about.

Today, I’m celebrating books that kids will pass from kid to kid. Books they’ll read in math. Books I will not get back. Books that, if I do get back, will be so worn I’ll have to throw out.



Thank you, Ruth Ayers, for Celebrating every week! Read other celebrations here.

11 thoughts on “Celebrate: Feeding the Library

  1. My students loved the Genius Files. I recommended this series to a colleague’s daughter who is in the 4th grade. I only have the first four, but she read all of them. She came into my room the other day with the 5th one. She said they ordered it on Amazon and she read it but wanted to give it to me for my library. It is so important for kids to pass on their love of books to other kids! Lovely celebration!

  2. Looks as if you know your students well already, and what fun you all will have! I wish you lived closer. I agree that they disappear, but sometimes I’ve had former students come back with a pile they found at home with my name-so funny! Have fun next week, Julieanne!

  3. Great book choices! The Genius Files is a favorite of our 5th graders. I am lucky and just received a major bonus from my Scholastic order which will be used to add more books to my library throughout the year. (Now, I just need more shelves…)

  4. You are keeping the classroom library alive. Not an easy task, yet so necessary. Having the students being part of choosing new books is the best way to make sure the book love spreads.

  5. So important to have books they want to read. I applaud your latest shopping choices. Many are titles I haven’t read, but I’ve read about them. However, I have read Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer – a fun read that I shared with my great niece who lives on a farm in KS. She actually read it before I did.

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