Slice of Life: Home Alone

They left me in the morning to sleep. No matter.

I move to the foot of the bed.

Stretch in the morning sun.

Lounge atop the living room couch.

Perch on the shelf.

Stroll past the window to keep my mind engaged and the animals on alert.

Nap in the study.

Temperatures drop, and the light fades. Dark. These hints of fall confuse me.
The wind is a fascination. I want to venture, and at the same time, prefer to stay within. A conundrum.

The absence of my people is noticeable; close to annoying. How will sleep come? Do they expect me to sleep without their bodies to disturb?

I sit. Howl.

They do not come. How rude.

I shall not look at them when they return.


I whine and paw the door. Insistently.

They do not appear.

I am unnerved.


I find a box. Its four walls bring comfort abating my anxiety.

There are many small moments in a cat’s life. They are fleeting but dramatic. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for a place to write about our many lives. Read more slices here.



15 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Home Alone

  1. This is the story of our Cat’s life when we take off to the farm for the weekend…they always let us know exactly how they feel, don’t they? Loved the perspective, Julieanne.

  2. I’ve seen a video of what cats do when we leave. Whine and wander. I have a hard time believing Mimi cares this much. The whole weekend when everyone was here, she hid in a closet. I love that you wrote from your cat’s perspective. A new lens to try on.

  3. Poor kitty! They do respond when the humans return, by not looking! Love this lonely talk from your cat, Julieanne. When I had a cat I always hated to leave him.

  4. The mice have a party when the cat is away. No party for your cat when your family left. An entertaining piece from the cat’s perspective.

  5. You’ve got such a fabulous brain Julieanne. I love when you let us explore your thoughts with you. My kids will love this perspective.

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