Celebrate: Doing it Better

Every day I cull through papers.
Sort, staple and put into colored-coded folders.
Every day I think back to move forward.

Some days, it takes a night to figure out.
Some days, it takes all week.
Some days, I’m still trying to figure out.
And some days, I’ve seen before. But the memory isn’t rekindled.
Afterward, I think, oh if I could only go back and do it better. Just as I wished the first time it happened. Oh to see the repetition in the moment.
This is my hope at the end of some days.

This week my students reflected on a unit of study. They self-assessed and added in their next step.  Each and everyone went to an uncomfortable place. They held their words up and compared them to the ideal. It is complicated work. The thinking and the comparing can be painful. This week, my students stepped up after that hard work and added in what would make them better, showing their resilience and courage.

As I look back on my week, a teacher of these brave souls, my students are my mentors. Today I compare my teaching to the teacher I want to be and write in my plan book, a reflection for next year, so when the moment that is a memory happens, and I will see it and do it better.

Thank you, Ruth, for your Celebrate this Week link up. Your call is a gift. Read more celebrations here.