Slice of Life: Doing it Well

We need to write and write some more. If this was easy, everyone would do it and do it well. — Seth Godin

I have embraced the first part of this quote. I show up and write. What stops me in my tracks, are the last three words. What exactly does “doing it well” mean?  I have a lot of fear living around this idea.

Most days, I bury my underlying worry with the belief that by writing, I define my journey. Writing is an act of clarification. In the moment of writing, I hold on to me. Putting my recollections and thoughts on the page move me towards a better next step.

I’ve made my musings public, and a byproduct of this has been friendships. Generous and masterful teacher-writers have invited me to write alongside them.  They honor me. But the fear of doing it well has snuck up on me.

I know I will learn. Sharing in a critical venue is my next step.
Still, I worry. What if it’s bad?  I remind myself, this is the process. The value of the product hovers over me.

I think of my students, and I’m made acutely aware of where they sit. What they put on the page is risky.  Product and process. What is valued?  I believe for my students and me doing it well is doing it. Where we are right now is where we are doing it well now.

How strong my students are. Those who proudly share, who publish their thoughts and feelings. Those who say, I want to be a published writer. Those who say, I am a published writer.  How brave they are. They are my mentors.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays.  Read more slices here.