Celebrating: My Social Media Bubble

Social media can be many things. Perhaps it’s a function of where you look.
I’ve managed, unwittingly,  to craft a social media bubble around people who nurture. Around those who celebrate simple things, who notice and wonder; around poets and teachers; around readers and writers. Around people who spend their energies engaged in lifting up the world, looking closely, and caring. And because of this we continue and grow, even in the darkest times. My wish for 2017 is that we hold tight to each other and our beliefs through the storms and joys.

I’ve found beautiful souls through communities who uphold an unspoken belief system. One of acceptance and support. One that lifts. This week I celebrate the lifters. The people who have changed me as a teacher, a reader, and a writer. The people and communities who lift me a bit higher every day.

Ruth Ayers and thecelebrate link up community who celebrate are my weekly ending and starting place. I end the week with joy, and I launch the week with that spirit.


11454297503_e27946e4ff_hTwo Writing Teachers Slice of Life’s community calls me to write. The concept of “slicing” breaks down the overwhelming and often intimidating act of writing to an almost neighborly task. Each post is welcomed with abundant and supportive feedback.


poetry-friday-1-1Poetry Friday folks are new connections for me. I’ve lurked in their world for years. Intimidated because I wasn’t really sure about poetry.  Now, with a little push from my friend Margaret Simon, actually link up with real poets. And in small ways, write poetry with Mary Lee Hahn’s #haikuforhealing and Catherine Flynn’s #commonplacemarvels.
There are blogs communities. These go to blogs include Vicki Vinton’s To Make a Prairie, Nerdy Book Club, and Two Writing Teachers. These blogs attract thoughtful educators worth reading.

Twitter, the origin of much of my social community,  continues to lift and support me. #TCRWP and #G2Great, lead with the tremendous love and generosity of Dr. Mary Howard, are my go to spots. The people who connect here teachers in the truest sense.

Face-to-face meetings at conferences as well as the “I am going to be in your town on… ” meet ups have created loving friendships that continue throughout the year on Voxer and other cyber sources.

This week, my heart goes out to you, my social media bubble. I celebrate you this week for lifting me up daily with your posts, your tweets, your voices.  This week I celebrate the promise to lift up, to hold on through the storms, and to be there to celebrate the big and small. This week I celebrate you and all you lift up.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating: My Social Media Bubble

  1. Such a beautiful post, Julieanne! I never thought of having a social media bubble, but you are so right! I hear people talk about all of the negativity on social media and I have no idea what they are talking about because I choose to surround myself with the good, just like you! Happy new year!

  2. Surrounding ourselves with those people with whom we share our passions is so important. Thank you for letting me into your bubble and being a part of mine. Your are right about our OLW being cousins – I kind of like being related!

  3. Positivity emanates from your celebration post today. I read about your social media bubble in another blog so of course, I had to find out what that is. Keep on writing, Julieanne. I have been enjoying your haikus at #haikuforhealing.

  4. What beautiful words, Julieanne– “…people who nurture. … celebrate simple things … notice and wonder … who spend their energies engaged in lifting up the world, looking closely, and caring.” It is how I feel too ❤

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