Slice of Life March Challenge Day 1

I had decided. I had firmly committed not to.
I’d pop in from time to time. Comment. Post on Tuesdays.

Yesterday, I avoided those slicers who were slicing about the March challenge. Nope. Not going there. I had decided.

Tammy and Clare aren’t slicing. They’re writing a book. Hmmm, well. Umm. Good point.
Why was I choosing not too?
Oh yes, so much to do. Teach. Yes. Absolutely valid point.
Not this year.

I read a few more slices. My friends. All because of slicing.

Then I read Kevin’s post. And Mary Ann’s comment:

I think this is my second or third year with the March challenge and at first I hesitated to sign up–thinking too that it was too much of a commitment for me to make. Then I decided to just do it as writing brings me to understandings I simply didn’t know.

You doing this for the 10th year gives me hope and inspiration. Thanks:)

They broke me.

I found the sign-up link and hit submit. Submit to the tantalizing prospect of finding out.
I promise to show up and be guided by what life presents.

So contrary to my plans (how often life goes that way), here’s to a month of writing. Yesterday, resistant. Today, curious of what might be.  Thank you, Kevin and Mary Ann, for unknowingly pushing me to write.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers,  and all the Slicers for the March Slice of Life Challenge. Find more slices here.


29 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge Day 1

  1. Yes. This is exactly why I am here too. So your gratitude is my gratitude. I am glad you are here with us all as we write to learn, to discover, to confirm, to know.

  2. I hesitated too. Too much this year. I almost didn’t invite my students and with a little nudge, I now have 21 blogging this month, so I can relate to these words so much, “So contrary to my plans (how often life goes that way), here’s to a month of writing.”

  3. This is my first time and I was all excited and revved up to write…and then the hesitation set in also. I’m not sure what changed my mind,but I’m glad I did. I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Glad you are here. I’m with you. I signed up and then thought I wouldn’t because I’m on vacation… but here I am!

  5. It’s always good to have a friend to inspire. I just committed yesterday as well…for the first time…because of a friend. I have a feeling we won’t regret it!

  6. Thank you Kevin and Mary Ann! I would be sad if you weren’t sharing your world. Here’s to a great month of exploring the world with words.

  7. I understand your hesitation. Those of us who have done it know the slog that comes somewhere past the halfway point, when the well of ideas seems dry. But, like marathoners who push past the wall, we also get to experience that kick at the end that lets us finish strong. I am really glad April 1st isn;t a Tuesday!

  8. This is my story too! I had firmly decided not to. Absolutely not. And a couple of days ago, I read Akilah’s post. And she’s planning to slice. And I thought about this community that I love and, yes, all of those understandings, wonderings, discoveries, that *only* happen because I am writing. I signed up. As late as this morning, I was waffling. Not too late to back out. I could just comment. Support the community that way. Jump in on Tuesdays. But then I read Carrie’s post and so many posts from first-timers and then your post and FINE. Fine. I’m in too. Glad we’re all in together. Your words matter to me, Julieanne, and I am excited to have 31 days of them to read this month!

  9. It is too much to add to a busy schedule. Then again we can look at “too much” as “an abundance” to be grateful for. So many stories, so many people, so much writing we will do. I am glad you joined.

  10. I guess I just thought you would be here, Julieanne, and know that if you hadn’t ‘broken”, we would all miss you! Happy to hear about the journey to say “yes”!

  11. I will keep this post in mind when I contemplate “stopping” at some future point. I hope that day never comes….but it might. And I am so glad you decided to return as I always enjoy your posts and your comments to me. Soldier on!

  12. Selfishly I get to continue to be a fly on your wall as you share. You have such a gift for allowing the reader to feel like they are there as they read your words. I get that at times we do need to say, “No”. Glad this is NOT one of them for you.

  13. I have to say that as a first time “slicer” I am finding this community a bit overwhelming. I feel like I don’t quite know where to start with the commenting and reading comments. So I randomly clicked on this post, and love it, so thought I would start with the commenting here! Because just two days in, and people offering comments on my writing has me hooked. And I love reading this and agreeing so whole heartedly that the writing is where the discovery happens. Why not share our discoveries, right?

  14. I am glad to join all of you because it’s also challenge for me to be more thoughtful and get another’s ideas the meaning of life.Moreover i feel gratitude among all ones.

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