Day 5: Celebrating Words

I had decided. I had firmly committed not to.
That was my first line of my first post in the March Challenge.
I did not plan to write this month. Not daily. I’d felt I’d done it before. Several times.

The marathon of writing daily was a time commitment. The anxiety of time. Dare I give a piece of it?

After two days of slicing,  I was overwhelmed by the connection.
Me to you.
You, my writing and teaching partners.
I had forgotten.
the generosity
the courage in

I am in awe.
What words do for the reader.
What words do for the writer.

I am honored to be invited into your life.
To look out your windows and into your hearts.
To be gifted with your thoughts.

This week I celebrate writers and their words
who remind me of what I want for my students.
Words teach.
They help us discover.
They remind us we are not alone.
They keep us searching
and hopeful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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