Day 21: A love note to a book

This March I’m “slicing” a piece of my teaching day every day.11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

Tonight I found a post-it note while I was cleaning up the classroom.

This one must have fallen out of someone’s hand. Or maybe a notebook, perhaps a book.  I thought it would be something meaningless. Something about a sleepover or an “are you mad at me? Check yes or no” exchange in sparkly pink and purple ink. A lot of my kiddos use post-its this way. They are the perfect note passing size.

But this one was all about Melody in Out of My Mind. About the trouble, she held inside. About the friend, she hoped she had in Rose. About how this reader worried for Melody.

There on the ground was a snippet of a reader’s life. I found it under the desk sprinkled with cracker crumbs and kleenex stuffed inside. Near the dropped pen, crayon pieces, and white out spill, the dirt clods and broken pencil was the yellow post it.  An idea that was planted in a young reader’s mind. A thought transformed into writing on a yellow post-it note.

In the aftermath of the day, amid the muck left behind is a love note to a book.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Challenge. Find more slices here.