Day 23: Circle Time

This March I’m “slicing” a piece of my teaching day every day.11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

Every Wednesday, a group of ten to twenty girls comes to talk and have lunch in my classroom. It’s a tradition started in fourth grade. Feelings are aired and general silliness ensues. Girl’s Circle Time provides a safe place to deal with fifth-grade life.  The boys meet on Thursdays.

Yesterday had the feel of a sleepover. Giggly girls came in holding their lunch trays and set up on the rug. They gathered with lunches and special objects to talk from. Early in the conversation, one of the kids came up with a question to answer. Your scariest moment, favorite singer, some favorite place have been common lines of inquiry.

Early in the conversation, one of the kids came up with a question to answer. Your scariest moment, favorite singer, some favorite place have been common lines of inquiry. But today, the question that they came up surprised me.

What is your favorite word and why?

Mine is technology because writing is hard and that makes it easier!

Mine’s eggplant because it’s delicious.

Bathtub because I love the way it sounds.

Love because you can’t live without it.

Pizza because it’s pizza.

Grant Gustin because he’s so cute.

That’s two words.


Why because I can use it for so
many things, like
Why is it like that? and
Why does it do that?

I can’t remember them all; I should have written them down. But I love what I remember. Especially the word why.

Each response offered a hint into the child.  I immediately thought of how this could translate into the classroom. But maybe not. This question came from the magic of circle time. It might not play out in the world of the class.

Seeing girls without boys in an informal setting show parts of their personalities I would not have seen if I just knew their classroom personas. Just the fact that they show up says something. I see sides of them I would not have known.

Some are lonely souls.
Some want a comfortable place to stay.
Some want to be heard.
Some want the camaraderie

Some want to ask questions

Whatever their reason, I am grateful to host them every Wednesday.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life challenge. Read more slices here.

12 thoughts on “Day 23: Circle Time

  1. You are such a passionate, caring teacher! This is very generous of you to do! It sounds like it is something the students love.

  2. Hey !! I like the way in which you express innocency of children .Keep doing it !!

    Also spare some time and keep coming on my blog .

    Happy Writing !!
    Cheers !!

  3. You make magic. Every time I read your posts I admire your kindness, thoughtfulness, your eye for detail and your ability to reflect deeply.

  4. What a great question! What is your favorite word? Did you share it with them? This is a great thing to offer to your girls each week. Special me time!

  5. Safe
    in a caring environment
    with a weekly schedule
    with peers in a familiar setting – circle time.

    As always, so much to love in this post, Julieanne! ❤

  6. I suspect that those girls (and boys on Thursdays) love this special time with you, Julieanne. You give your lunch time to them in that safe place and that’s just wonderful.

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