Day 30: The beauty of the end

There is this in-between time when students have finished one test but have more testing to do, that’s uncomfortable. They need to recover and there is not much to do. We’re in a holding pattern till the next test.  I want to let them go and play. And I did that as best I could with read aloud.

We’re at the end of The Wild Robot, and they’re captivated. Begging for one more chapter.  It’s that rush you get at the end of a book. The anticipation of the end is killing you, and we feel it as a community. It’s the best feeling times 30.

I’m holding them off. I want to squeeze and stretch it out. I want students to enjoy the drama of the story. The cliffhanger and emotional moments have students gasping and teary-eyed. Yes, I’m milking it. “Why do teachers always stop at the good part,” I hear one student stay when I close the book for the day.

For them, Roz is real. She’s a loving mother. Who selflessly protects her son. That is the power of story. Words that can bring an imaginary robot to life for a room of squirmy fifth graders.

The ending of any story is a reflection opportunity. We have gone on a journey that’s had it’s ups and downs. Tears and laughs. The end must leave us with a satisfied sense of learning, of self, of the world.

Day 30 of the Slice of Life March Challenge has that end of book feeling. We have been rushing to see what is next and now that we are just a page away from the end, we hesitate and take the journey in.

I fear, this month,  I have traveled the road too quickly, missing so much in the day to day rush. That said, it’s been a joyous journey. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for the amazing journey offered by the March Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to all.