Slice of Life: Things Get Rearranged

I have things I don’t use, but can’t bear to give away. They accumulate and don’t bother me. Occasionally they come to mind.  Usually due to an acquaintance or memory.
This happened recently.  A side table,  I’d stored away. I knew exactly where it was, beside my desk. But when I looked it wasn’t there. Things get rearranged, so I look in the second bedroom.  No. The garage… No.  I look again. And again.

“Have you seen that side table I used at my desk?” I ask. Blank stares. My husband has no idea what I’m talking about.

I look again. And again.

The promised item is missing, and I feel a bit crazy when I tell my friend this news. But, I let it go.  I don’t hold on to that sort of thing. Perhaps that’s what happened to the table.  I let it go.

A month, maybe two passes. My husband sells his business, and the garage becomes the target of his new found time.  I stay away from the noise that emanates from the front of the house.  Garbage cans fill.  Things get rearranged.

After a week, maybe two the dust settles,  space has been cleared for me to park my car. Then one day, just before I leave for a three-day field trip,  I look on the second shelf, for one of the three sleeping bags we store in the garage. Missing.

I walk in the house, thinking it must be in the hall closet. Soon I come to find out, the sleeping bags, have been given away.  The moment of irritation passes;  I pack sheets and a blanket. Like the side table,  I let it go, and leave for the field trip.

Days later, I walk in and find the side table. Resurrected in the office.

Things get rearranged.

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