Slice of Life: Things Get Rearranged

I have things I don’t use, but can’t bear to give away. They accumulate and don’t bother me. Occasionally they come to mind.  Usually due to an acquaintance or memory.
This happened recently.  A side table,  I’d stored away. I knew exactly where it was, beside my desk. But when I looked it wasn’t there. Things get rearranged, so I look in the second bedroom.  No. The garage… No.  I look again. And again.

“Have you seen that side table I used at my desk?” I ask. Blank stares. My husband has no idea what I’m talking about.

I look again. And again.

The promised item is missing, and I feel a bit crazy when I tell my friend this news. But, I let it go.  I don’t hold on to that sort of thing. Perhaps that’s what happened to the table.  I let it go.

A month, maybe two passes. My husband sells his business, and the garage becomes the target of his new found time.  I stay away from the noise that emanates from the front of the house.  Garbage cans fill.  Things get rearranged.

After a week, maybe two the dust settles,  space has been cleared for me to park my car. Then one day, just before I leave for a three-day field trip,  I look on the second shelf, for one of the three sleeping bags we store in the garage. Missing.

I walk in the house, thinking it must be in the hall closet. Soon I come to find out, the sleeping bags, have been given away.  The moment of irritation passes;  I pack sheets and a blanket. Like the side table,  I let it go, and leave for the field trip.

Days later, I walk in and find the side table. Resurrected in the office.

Things get rearranged.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for Slice of Life Tuesdays. Read more slices here.




15 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Things Get Rearranged

  1. My motto has been “When in doubt, throw it out” (or actually donate it, but that doesn’t rhyme). So I just usually assume that if I can’t find something, I gave it away and it is in a new home. I’m glad your table made a reappearance. It is beautiful!

  2. Living in a small 2 bedroom apartment nothing as large as furniture can disappear, but I hate the feeling of knowing where something is and not being able to find it (and I live alone and it still happens). You are very chill about it. Beautiful table.

  3. This is a funny little slice. I can see how this could happen, too. With grown children, they often “borrow” things. We looked everywhere for the candle chandelier before the wedding. I remembered cleaning it and putting it away, but where? It finally turned up, just in time. I’m glad the table reappeared.

  4. Love the way you build interest and suspense in this piece! I was authentically intrigued- what could’ve happened to her table?! Glad it turned up. Hoping my old iPod will do the same someday! ha

  5. From reading the comments above, I think you’ve touched on many stories of this same thing happening. My biggest connection is because I moved. I still remember where things “were” in my other house, but here, lost! Fun slice!

  6. Having a new house with a basement, SO many things sit down there. I was going to sort the “stuff” on my snow days that never happened. Maybe this summer… Your post is fun to read!!

  7. The missing is found, but what story does the item have to tell of its journey. I hate that feeling of I know where it is, but yet it isn’t.

  8. Great job of creating suspense… and it heightened by my personal experiences of such “hunts.” I genuinely wanted to know the outcome. My hope of finding something lost has been rekindled. 🙂

  9. I can so relate to things going missing and then (sometimes) reappearing. But more importantly I am in awe of the way you told the story. Rather than getting lost in the details you “let it go” and told the most important parts – then moved on. A perfect slice of life !

  10. Things come and go…and sometimes they disappear. Many of us are in that phase of life when “things” we love become an issue. We cling to them, knowing we need to “let go.” I, too, experienced a recent disappearance of a lovely writing portfolio given to me decades ago by a dear friend, now deceased. Sadly, I have given up on ever seeing it again…but the feeling remains. I haven’t been able to “let go” of them yet. Your table has reappeared and found a new life. And you are at peace!

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