Celebrate: Seeing them shine

This week marked the culmination of our fifth-grade project. Every year I worry, will this unpredictable lot of preteens pull it off? Every year I write about it.  How they rise to meet the challenge. How they make me proud.  And this year was no exception. Every student shone.

I walked around the fair knowing this is one of my favorite moments of being a fifth-grade teacher.


Teaching requires we take in and on our students’ lives. We see moments like the one this week, when they make you proud as well as many moments of trouble and struggle. Being their last year of elementary school, we don’t know what comes next.  We know what could be and we worry.

But this week I got to see and hear about what came next for a few students. Because this annual event not only brings out the best in our fifth graders, it brings back alumni. The middle schoolers, the high schoolers, college students and college graduates.

This week they came back to remember and share their accomplishments.

This week I celebrate my fifth graders. The ones who inhabit my classroom today and the ones who used to. The medical technician, the junior college student, the artist who just sold her first painting, the librarian. All of these students were once in my fifth-grade classroom.

This week I celebrate the gift of seeing students shine.

Thank you, Ruth, for your celebrate link up. Find more celebrations here.



3 thoughts on “Celebrate: Seeing them shine

  1. What a wonderful reflection about Colonial Day! Your students rose up and showed their best selves. Also cool that former students return.

  2. In our school we have a fifth grade exhibition. No matter how called it is amazing to see the students shine during a culminating event of their primary school years. I am happy your event went well.

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