Slice of Life: A Timely Visit

I choose a student desk to work at after school. This is out of partly out of necessity (I don’t have a desk) and because I like having space to sort out my day.

Today I look at end-of-the-year student data and wonder. What will they hold on to?  Was this year enough? Will they keep reading and writing? I worry about those kiddos that should have grown more.

A knock on the unlocked door is followed by two, sixth graders, come to visit. We settle into a conversation, and the papers are forgotten. We catch up. Talk about family, friends, their classes.  It’s always a gift when former students come back. I feel honored by their presence.

“Everyone looks so little,” says Jay*. “I feel so old.”

“Can we use a Chromebook?” Kalie* asks.

Go ahead I tell them, and I lean in to see what they are up to.

“I’m going on to Canva,” says Jay.

These two loved Canva last year. They spent hours at home creating pictures to go with their writing.  Jay pulls up an image with the title Going to Rome superimposed on a picture of Kalie in mid-leap.

So cool. I ask, “is this for school?”

“No, we just do this for fun,” Jay says.

We talk until suddenly Jay says, “We gotta go.” And they’re off.

Just when I got to a hopeless-I-don’t-do-enough-for-kids moment, they walked in and saved my day.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for Slice of Life Tuesdays. Read more slices here.


12 thoughts on “Slice of Life: A Timely Visit

  1. Such a great feeling to get that reassurance from previous students. I ran into one in the drive through the other day…reminiscing about his 1st grade year with me…such a great feeling!

  2. “We just do it for fun.” — this is what engagement is. It can begin with teachers, and then be focused with teachers. But the engagement part is intrinsic. Love the visit. I had some of my own, with recent high school graduates (who remembered a song I wrote for them, six years earlier, and began to sing a few lines. I didn’t really remember that at all. You just never know ..)

  3. It is so true that we NEVER really know our impact. I’m glad you got to see just a glimpse of it from these visitors! Looking forward to hearing MORE from you in person in NYC on the 18th. You still coming?!

  4. Now that’s what I call transfer of learning! We always wonder if it’s enough. I know you have given them skills to be successful in their future.

  5. Such a timely visit from former students! I think we all fear that we are not doing enough or teaching them enough. It’s proof of our love and reverence for the gift we have been given in being called to teach. You’ve done well, Julieanne! In future years, these students will confirm this for you once again in another timely visit.

  6. The gift of teaching… keeps giving back… YES!!!!! Loved this moment Julieann!!!!! I’m on my way to Edinburgh in August because of my drama boy, Chris.

  7. It’s really true that “little things mean a lot”. I’m glad you had that visit, could revel in those kids who took the time to hang out with you, to show you they remember!

  8. Thanks for sharing this timely visit. You do enough. Actually you do more than enough. Blessings for a happy end of the year.

  9. They were like butterflies that landed for a brief visit, then went on their way to the next bloom. That they landed in your garden is a tribute to how comfortable they feel with you! That visit is every teacher’s dream!

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