Slice of Life: The signs we wear

The breeze had picked up just enough to make those dressed in suits comfortable. We waited. The line moved little by little. Organizers came by at regular intervals to assure us, it won’t be much longer. The crowd was diverse in their dress. Some in suits, others union t-shirts. Sundresses, jeans, sandals.  A typical dress-how-you-please LA crowd.

The couple behind us said hello to passersby in religious robes. My husband turned and struck up a conversation. The man was dressed in clerical cassock and the woman next to him, his wife, in a lovely white dress.

After introductions, she asked, “Are you a teacher?”

“Why, yes,” I said, a little startled. “Is it that obvious?”

“It’s your bag. Who but teachers want us to read?”

We laughed and talked about the need to read.

At first, I thought, how sad that just anyone wouldn’t be sporting this bag. But on further reflection, perhaps I should be proud.  Teachers are identifiable champions of reading.

Happy Fourth Slicers!  May you have the opportunity to spend some of your time celebrating our country by reading.

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