Slice of Life: Blackout

The last bit of chocolate ice cream had melted to syrup when the white noise stopped. Patrons bent over their candlelit meals as the restaurant became sticky and dark. Blackout.

Our meal complete we walked out to the sidewalk, searching for signs of light. Perhaps in the next block. Passing darkened cafes, aproned waiters stood outside waiting for power. Their faces lit by the glow of their phone messages. No more tables to turn tonight.

Up ahead, our car waited. We jump into the oasis of light and air and escape.

Driving towards home, high in the sky, there is a flash of light. Is that the moon?  Off and on.  I watch it appear and disappear in the coal black sky.  Back and forth. Playing hide and seek on the horizon.

We turn south, and the moon reveals itself completely. Shining its nearly full moon shape down on us and follows us home.

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