Slice of Life: Sorting out THIS room

I’ve been itching to get into my classroom for some time; anxious at the thought of all those books locked away in cabinets this close to the beginning of the school year.

Friday the room was clean and mine.  I’ve been there ever since.
Sorting and shuffling books have a calming effect on me.

The boxes of fiction are sorted.

The nonfiction books have become piles of science, social studies, biography, and math: little islands of information.

And then there are the picture books that can do anything and everything if you take the time to notice. So I sort for themes and reading and writing lessons that lurk in each.  I look up Carrie Gelson’s recent post for inspiration. That takes time.

My stack for writing craft is high. Each one is a mentor.

Today, THIS book catches my eye.

 And these words –

As she draws, she tells the story of what she is drawing. She always starts with the word THIS. THIS door to the subway…and THIS is a…

William’s story of Cherries and Cherry Pits made me think about all of the stories that were waiting in THIS room.

The person who will sit at THIS desk and fill THIS space with her books and pens. She’ll sit next to her friend and read and write. She’ll come to the carpet to listen, to watch, to share, to think, to play. And she’ll plant a seed or two or three next to her classmates’ that by the end of the year will grow into full grown ideas.

THIS space will be filled with stories and ideas until there is a whole forest of ideas right in THIS room.

Here’s to dreaming about next year’s garden.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays. Read more slices here.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Sorting out THIS room

  1. Oh, Julieanne, I LOVED the way you conjured up the writer who will sit in that chair! I HATE the way you have given me another book I need to buy- seriously, my class library is out of control huge! Funny how we all seem to start with our books!

  2. Lovely ending for an inspiring post. All of this preparation will be worth it in the end when those students fill the chairs.

  3. I have stacks of books around my house that I picked up over the summer. They are destined for my classroom library, but I am not quite ready to go back yet.

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