New Beginnings: I Need a Purple Door

This month I am the host for Spiritual Thursday bloggers. Welcome.

I have not been posting, perhaps this is a new beginning. But I can’t promise because I have a whole lot of new happening.t The theme is new beginnings.

New grade level, new subject matter, new science standards, new room. The list of things I have to do to feel like I’m ready is long and the days left to get ready are getting fewer and fewer.

After complaining to my daughter about “not being ready,” she offered me advice that sounded vaguely familiar. “You have to decide what is a want versus a need and do the needs first,”


She’s right.

I want to repaint the walls and the bookshelves. I’ve found the just-right silver-tinged gray and a purple that will be perfect on the door. Want not need? Wasted time?

My old classroom was far from perfect, but it was home.  I believe I need a classroom to be a home.  It creates a mood that makes a difference.

I told my daughter all of that.

She didn’t agree with my want versus need analysis, but took pity on me and offered to sand and paint the bookshelves.

I accepted.

I know there is no amount of time, work or paint I can apply that can make me feel ready. At some point, doing something new requires a leap.  The acceptance that it won’t be perfect and that I won’t know everything is a difficult pill to swallow.  But, it will be easier with a pretty purple door.

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11 thoughts on “New Beginnings: I Need a Purple Door

  1. Oh my, does this put me back into the days when I was still a teacher! I can so identify with the nervous energy, the anticipation mixed with angst… I know your beginning will go well, Julieanne, especially with a purple door! (And thanks for hosting, even in the middle of your stressful time!)

    My post today is shows that I am still very much in relaxed summer mode. “New Beginnings” is here:

  2. Here’s to fulfilling that need to make your classroom a home. You will breathe easier when you walk through that purple door ready for all the magic and possibilities of this new year. And thanks to your daughter for those fabulous freshly painted bookshelves that will house your wonderful book collection. We want pictures!
    Here are my musings on new beginnings –

  3. Hello Julieanne and All: Sorry to be so late… my new beginnings today included returning two grandkids to their parents and siblings who… in the 5 days they visited here… had moved to a new house. The two who were with me were so excited to see their new house/rooms/yard/neighborhood. At the same time, their dad, my son, is looking for a new job. I felt a new level of maturity in him as we talked about home ownership and future possibilities. Life is complicated and full of that tension between what is or was, and what can or will be. We need support and discernment all along the way. My deep wishes to all of you for good beginnings wherever you are.

  4. Julieanne, prioritize is a word that I am quite familiar with this summer. New beginnings help us sort out the what ifs and when to take care of them thoughts. Your new purple door is going to make the hallway brighten and your smile will bring a diverse group of learners into the heart of your new community. It is late now so I will read through the other posts tomorrow. Thank you for hosting this month.

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