Slice of Life: Bringing a Classroom to Life

Before the school year begins, all is anticipatory. The scenarios swim in my head. Whole entire lessons and imagined student conversations wake me up in the middle of the night and rattle around until I fall asleep or daylight comes.

The first days of school are a week away, and while I’m still sorting through the nuts and bolts of content and teaching points, I’m also thinking about listening to and learning from my new students.  I am aching to know them.

What do you wonder?
What makes you smile?
What makes you want to turn the page?
What makes you open your notebook and write another page?
Where do you do your best work?
How do you see yourself in this classroom? In the world?

Big questions for brand new fourth graders with a brand new teacher.

So I’m working on some topics they can talk to a partner about. Maybe write about.
Favorite food and why.
Favorite thing in your room and why.
Favorite game and why.
Favorite book and why.
Favorite place to read and why.
Name one thing you miss about kindergarten and why.
Name one thing you are an expert in and one thing that you need help doing.
Name one thing you want to get good at this year.
Name one thing you are worried about and why.
Tell about a time you did something that scared you.
Tell of a time you helped someone.
Tell of a time someone helped you.

I’d love any thoughts you might have to stimulate their 9-year-old hearts and minds. So they bring their lives into the classroom. And bring the classroom to life.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays. Read more slices here.