Celebrate: Stepping into the Middle

This weekend I celebrate the first week of school.
Finally, all of those unknown faces came to life in the classroom.
Every day they were there. Early. Waiting. Excited. So was I.

We’re learning to be fourth graders.
To have ten more children in the classroom.
To go to lunch twenty minutes later.
To take more responsibility.

Fourth graders aren’t the littles anymore. And they aren’t the big kids on campus, yet.

Bit by bit each day, I saw students negotiate how to be with each other.
“I partner with whoever doesn’t have a partner.”

Bit by bit each day, I saw students learn something about themselves.
“I can’t read my writing.”

Bit by bit each day, I saw students be brave.
“Can I share my work?”

This week I celebrate the energy and enthusiasm that fills the classroom and the playground. The noise that rises up and up when the math manipulatives are out. And the quiet that settles when heads are buried in books. The playground balls that fly toward the ball box at the end of recess. And the two-by-two, lunch box in hand, walk-towards-the-lunch-benches calm.

Bit by bit each day, we stepped into the middle-grade space.

Read more celebrations here, on Ruth Ayer’s blog Discover, Play, Build.

7 thoughts on “Celebrate: Stepping into the Middle

  1. Wonderful celebration of your first week. Love that you made time in the back to school flurry to notice the bit by bit that happened day by day. Happy Sunday, Julieanne!

  2. “Bit by bit each day…” – easying into the school year. I am glad you shared bits of your week with us. My students willnarrive tomorrow.

  3. Yes, bit by bit! I wish you an awesome school year with your new students. Your post makes me excited for my own first day coming on Sept. 1.

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