Slice of Life: Reading Partners

My first week of school has come to a close.

There were no drills, messages, disabled copiers, or eclipses.

Today, every fourth grader was there, really there.

Today, eight students found reading partners and books to read.

Side by side, two boys, fell into Hatchet.  One minute they were looking through book baskets the next minute they were engrossed. Side by side, perfection.

Another pair of boys grabbed Barbara Park’s Skinnybones, and I overhear,  “I loved Junie B. She’s so funny, this one’s gonna be good.”

T* approached me and requested a partner. He knew exactly who he wanted to read with and what he wanted to read. Unfortunately, Shiloh was not what his partner wanted. Not that she didn’t try. She sat on the carpet and read the first five pages. In the end, she shook her head saying, no, it’s not right.

I wondered, are their tastes aligned? Will this partnership work?

“That’s ok,” he said, I’ll read it another time.”

These two taught me what really matters for a successful partnership. Honesty, flexibility, and kindness.

Setting up reading partnerships is a hopeful time. The year is in front of us. Everything is possible.

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Reading Partners

  1. Reading partnerships is a new concept for me. Would love to know more about how it works so I can share the idea with my niece who teaches 4th grade.

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