Celebrate: Just in case

It’s been blistering hot this week. The walk across the blacktop to the next air-conditioned building feels much longer when temperatures get close to 100ºF.

August and September are the hottest months.

This week, I celebrate the air conditioning that worked throughout the day and the Arrowhead water cooler that is always filled (thanks to a wonderful PTA) in our staff lounge.

Things could be much worse weather wise. We don’t live in the pathway of tropical storms, hurricanes or monsoons.

But. We live on a fault line. Earthquakes don’t happen like storms. They don’t come with regularity or reliable predictions, and because of that, people get complacent.

Every time a natural disaster hits somewhere in the world, I think but for the grace of God…that could be us.  And every time a natural disaster hits somewhere in the world, I am grateful for all the actions taken at school to be prepared.  We aren’ t complacent.

This week I want to celebrate the family-supplied emergency kits that fill our school storage areas, just in case. I celebrate next week’s and every month’s evacuation drills, just in case.

If a disaster hits at school we’ve taken action and have a plan, but at home, what if?

Because of what we do at school, six fresh gallons of water sit in my car ready to be unloaded. Today I celebrate that, along with new batteries and a flash light. It’s a beginning. A meager start according to this list and this list.  What could be reasonably necessary is overwhelming, so I printed it out and created a checklist.

Funny how what I practice at school needs to come home. Not just the reading and the writing, but being prepared, just in case.

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