Slice of Life: Connections Made

Last night I was thinking of child-rearing moments. The ones that are tattooed on your heart.  Those times in the car, on the pool deck, at the park, in the living room., in a parent conference. These ordinary times are gemstones that no one else would consider worth a second thought, are mine-alone moments.

I wonder about the moments we store away. What comprises its essence?  Those moments created when we connect to another human. And maybe because of their transitory state, relationships with children are particularly precious.

This week I sit down with families and students for student-led conferences. To hear students tell their parents what they do well and what they need to work on. What they need help with and what their goals are. I am continually stunned at how perceptive, and confident children can be when we give them the opportunity.

I watch students share their stories, and their relationships are clear and present. Each one collecting their treasures right in front of me.

” The connections we make in the course of a life —
maybe that’s what heaven is.”
— Fred Rogers

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays. Read more slices here.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Connections Made

  1. I’m sure that a lot of work goes into structuring these conferences and supporting students so that they are able to reflect on and then share their strengths and their goals. Kudos to all of you!

  2. The concept of student-led conferences hasn’t made it to our state yet. I can only imagine how well they reveal the relationship of a child to his/her parents.

  3. I love student-led conferences. For this very reason you mention : “I am continually stunned at how perceptive, and confident children can be when we give them the opportunity.”

  4. Even our youngest students led their conferences, and it is magical to see how much we adults learn when they share the learning. Best wishes for a wonderful time!

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