Celebrating Conversations

There are only so many minutes. So many days. This week I was overwhelmed by the energy spent on managing the next thing. There is nothing unique about this reflection. We all face these constraints and the frustration that goes along with them. What’s worth writing about is what lifted me out.

The conversations.
About hopes for the weekend.
About the lost pencil that mattered so much.
About a plan for a story about a girl who had no family and a girl who had no friends.
About the first book in a series and the plans for writing future books.
About realizing people who annoy you have a lot in common with you.
About the hug from a sister of your student at the end of the day.
About how hard it is to be me.

This week I celebrate conversations. The data points of relationships aren’t monitored or measured. They don’t exist on any transcript, report card, or compiling device that marks metrics of academic progress or college and career readiness.  This week I celebrate the conversations and relationships that make teaching and life a privilege.

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