celebrate — OLW 2017 — lift

The end of the year provides extra time to read and reflect.
To collect ideas
To envision the next year.

For the past four years, I’ve chosen one word to act as a guide or a mantra. A word to remind me of what I want to act on and grow toward. I believed my success with last year’s word lift, had fallen short of my original intent.  To be fair to my OLW I decided to I reread last year’s posts and look for possible evidence of its effects. I was surprised to find more than I expected and pleased that my writing provided me benefits beyond the moment of initial reflection. This week I want to celebrate the subtle power of finding and honoring a word that can light a path for the year.

This week I celebrate my OLW with a found poem reflection.

Overwhelmed by the scope, and intensity
one sentence, line, word
sharpens meaning
to face constraints

and find the necessary
words to heal.
Counteract the ones that sting, confuse, worry
and make something beautiful.

Children lift their arms and spin around
waving warmth
taking others further
shared humanity.

Offer it
say it
out loud
every student
a bit higher every day.

Still thinking about OLW 2018 and grateful for the writing process.

Thank you, Ruth, for your inspiration and the weekly call to celebrate. Read others here at Ruth Ayers writes.