The sadness comes and goes

Sometimes when you ask questions, you get difficult answers.
Our world can offer up situations no young person should have to face.

IMG_7065 2

It happened over the weekend. A family member killed. By a gun. A senior in college. In a dorm. It was news to me yesterday. Today the tears came.

I sat next to my student, at a loss for words.
This not only hurt but created fear in her.  Destroying a sense of safety.

“I don’t mind people having guns. I just don’t like what people do with them,” she said.

“Would it help if you wrote about it?”

That got a nod and the tears to stop.
And as she wrote, they fell again.
“I never got to meet him.”

“What if you write him a letter?” I said.
Another nod.

“The sadness comes and goes,” she said.

“It will.”

Too much for someone so young.
Too much for us all.




9 thoughts on “The sadness comes and goes

  1. “Too much for someone so young.
    Too much for us all.”

    This is so true. So much that troubles us, young and old. To write, to express in word what our voice cannot, is a gift. Thank you for giving that gift to your student. It will do her will in the days and weeks to come.

    Thank you for sharing this powerful slice with us.

  2. Tragedy strikes every level, even those too young to understand. Do any of us understand? So glad you were there for your student.

  3. This is beyond terrible. Gun violence is plaguing our society… and yet the problem keeps getting worse.
    I’m sorry for this child’s loss of her family member… a college student, but still a child.
    Thankful you’re there to support her through this horrendous time.

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