Slice of Life: I Walk the Line

How often does one get to stand up for what matters?

It started in the dark. In the rain. Armed with laminated signs, rain gear, and caffeinated energy, teachers walked. All day for our students. A choreographed act of belief.

Today offered the chance to do the right thing.

Tomorrow, and until students get what they need, we use our voices and walk the line for the future of public education.

I embrace this opportunity.

14 thoughts on “Slice of Life: I Walk the Line

  1. Did not connect when I saw your tagline, since walking in the rain is a regular happening for me. Please know that we’re standing with you, as I stood with my niece and her colleagues in Oklahoma last year. I was happy to walk with our local teachers when they petitioned our district for improvements for students and themselves. Our world needs to wake up and provide for students and educators.

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