One Little Word for 2020

remove the outer covering or skin;
separate a thin cover or part
from the outside or surface of something

The skin came away in a neat spiral. Most fruits cling to their coat. Refusing to let go without a bit of digging and tugging, mangling of the skin, and sometimes the fruit within.
Looking at the coiled skin on my plate, I thought of what I’d been reading. Bit by bit, I was learning what was unseen, unknown to me. The process of reading was one of deconstruction, chapter by chapter, sentence by sentence, and then piecing it together to understand the whole.
Seeing the core, the history of people, places, and ideas fascinate me. It feels necessary. Rather than discarding the differences that exist on the surface, judging too quickly, consider what is beneath the skin. Understanding the composition of the whole provides understanding.
And as much as I like to look outside to understand, ultimately, I need to look inward. What is my history? Peeling away my experiences, what makes me whole, is necessary to process my place in this world. And I realize and am grateful for the privilege to learn.
Learning and teaching is a part of what makes me whole. To do this well, it requires peeling away to see what is underneath. What foundations are present? What is missing? What teaching tools to I have, and what tools do I need to procure to grow this learner?


Most people don’t peel their skin in a neat spiral. Most of us present a resistant exterior that protects our inner workings.   Peeling away the surface to get to what makes up the person, the place, the idea, myself will be my way to see this new year.

4 thoughts on “One Little Word for 2020

  1. I have to admit I would never think of a word like peel for a OLW, but your explanation works so well. Finding the inner thing that guides you and defines you. Being vulnerable to the world. You inspire me to be a better version of myself.

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