Slice of Life: it’s the weekend

It’s the weekend.
Not much to do.
I’ll look through their math,
first thing Saturday.
It shouldn’t take long.
Must write comments on their report cards.
Should be done by nine.
Then I’ll read.
Maybe finish that book.
Next week’s plan’s charted out.
After Sunday breakfast,
I’ll stop by the school.
Charge the devices.
It shouldn’t take long.
Since I’m there,
I’ll get those charts ready.
Maybe start planning that geometry unit.
Look through last year’s work.
The afternoon will be free,
I’ll plan the revision lesson
after I look through their writing.
If I start at three,
I’ll be done by dinner.

It’s almost nine.
I haven’t started yet.
I get another cup of tea.
Revise my list,
while I watch the sun break through the clouds.