slice of life: a reader’s journey

The other night I saw a beautiful book on top of the mail.

First the author caught my eye. Alberto Manguel’s fluid storytelling in All Men Are Liars was magical.  Then, I noticed the title, The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm — The Reader as Metaphor.

This book is from my son.  Rather than send a text or make a call,, like most people, he sends books.
img_9148After reading the inside front jacket,  I am smitten.

As far as we can tell, we are the only species for whom the world seems to be made of stories.

Be it an observation, an action, or a reaction, we make sense of the storms that rage within and around us with stories. We find solace, wisdom, and escape in our stories. Even though words fall short of experience, storytelling and the search for stories that enlighten, feed us.

We are reading creatures. We ingest words, we are made of words.
It is through words that we identify our reality and by means of words that we ourselves are identified.

It is through reading we find our past, our future, and ourselves.  The journey the writer sets out for us allows us to discover our own and ourselves. 

The solid book of paper and ink is the ground we journey through. a starting point for commentary and conjectures.

This makes me want to abandon all electronic reading and re-read with a pen in hand. Not to write notes in a disconnected notebook but to put my thoughts alongside the writer. By leaving my thoughts in the book, I become a part of it.