slice of life: school is closed

Around 9:30 am, the emails and phone calls went out to parents informing them that our schools would close for two weeks. The “fluid” situation now had defining edges that shifted our classroom’s direction on Friday.

I pose the question.
What if we had to learn at home for a while?

The electronic solutions came first.
Google classroom, slides, docs, blogs.
But what about kids who don’t have devices?
And what about WiFi?
How about notebooks, books?
But how can we communicate with our reading partners?
What about setting up chats?
Back and forth.

We settle down, eat breakfast, play math games, write, get books, set up shared google docs for book conversations, share Gold Rush learning.
I make sure all students have a device for home use.
Do an experiment with electricity, distribute textbooks, and memos from the district. Play games.

Normal and not so normal.

Students are unsettled.
D– says he will miss school.
C– says she is looking forward to sleeping in.
K– sits alone, writing up her daily plan.
A– mentions this is the second year we have had to leave school in the middle of the school year. Last year was the strike.
M– says that was sooo boring!

I talk with students privately.
About who will be there for them at home.
If they need anything.

The day ends too quickly.
Off they go.

I pack up my plants. IMG_9177Take pictures of charts I might need to send students, and then I see this

The graphic novel section of the library my students maintain.

So sad.