slice of life: distanced from our future reminded of the past

The shut-in shut down mode of the world has reminded me of what’s only a 20-minute walk from my house. IMG_9181.jpeg

The trails weave up and down and around. The narrow path makes avoiding puddles challenging. I hear birdsong, someone calling their dog, and the occasional patter of a runner coming from behind. I take a left up the hill, not sure where this trail might lead. It winds around and connects with another. This space is at most two square miles, but I could walk around for hours without (knowingly) retracing my steps.

This peaceful plot of land has a surprising history.  It’s been home to native Gabrieleños,  Spanish landowners, Japanese farmers, the US military’s WWII and Cold War weaponry.  Now, these open fields are home to small creatures and native plants protected by the Nature Conservancy. Humans and canines plod through the trails distanced from the past, moving respectfully in this restored habitat.

As I walk by the Nature Preserve building and the occasional historical plaque, I think this would be a fantastic field trip. When it might happen and for which group of fourth-graders I don’t know.

For now, we are all distanced from each other and our future plans.


6 thoughts on “slice of life: distanced from our future reminded of the past

  1. I continue to find solace in nature and have taken a walk each day. This is a breathtaking space and looks like a healing, peaceful space to take in what is still there, what is still going on as normal while the rest of us struggle to figure it out. Enjoy those beautiful walks.

  2. “Distanced from the past” is a great line, juxtaposed with today’s social distancing. What’s also interesting is the wartime use of the land, now a peaceful getaway from the strife of news. Thanks for introducing us to this preserve!

  3. What a terrific opportunity to take your life outside. I followed the link and loved this: “Dogs are allowed, but bicycles are prohibited. No fee or permit is required to visit White Point Nature Preserve, so get out and enjoy.” Today I’m heading outdoors myself to one of my favorite dog-walking spots. Breathe deep. This, too, shall pass.

  4. I feel a sense of connectedness knowing I was talking with you on this walk. I think I need to find a local trail to walk. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Outside has been a solace to many both here and now and in this land’s past. I feel the need to think about that future time when we will see each other and the students, plan and learn and dream.

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