slice of life: finding beauty, walking on

I started my hike before sunrise, hoping to capture enough to last me.
The rain had just stopped,
“The trails will be a mess. Take a hat,” my husband warned.
I didn’t care about the muck or the wet.
I walked out. A sliver of a moon and high clouds filled the sky.

Entering the nature preserve, I turned on my flashlight.
My shoes crunched along until I meet up with a puddle, the width of the path.

I step into the high grass on the border of the trail and sink down.
The cold water fills my running shoe, but I squish on moving toward higher ground.

Once the sun is up, my senses are on overload. Birds hide amongst the barren limbs. Don’t they realize their song gives them away?
They flit off as soon as I come too close for comfort.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_20dc.jpg

I walk on, and fragrant sage leans into the path.
Around the corner, I meet dewdrops clinging.


As the sun rises,
I’m surrounded by the buds,

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_20e3UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_20e5 waiting to open.

It is so hard to believe all is not well in the world when I’m in this place.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “slice of life: finding beauty, walking on

  1. Your words and photos impart a needed peace, almost a holy hush. And a metaphor – knowing that for navigating the wet and muck, the beautiful can be found. Such a restorative post. Reminds me that we don’t live as close to nature as we really ought to …

  2. Seeing the drops of water on the leaves in the second picture. What a great visual! It’s dark here and I’m listening to the rain. Cleansing rain. Would that it could just wash away all the problems! This was my favorite . . .”I step into the high grass on the border of the trail and sink down.
    The cold water fills my running shoe, but I squish on moving toward higher ground.” I could feel and hear the “squish”.

  3. I enjoyed reading your beautifully described experience. Your writing was so descriptive I don’t even think you need the pictures but they do add amazing visuals to your piece. I agree with Fran on the metaphor that is life right now. Love it!

  4. Seems we were both in need of a hike in nature yesterday! Fresh air, birdsong, and spring blooms and buds are balm for the soul. I’ll be out again today, taking big deep breaths of that fresh air, and I’ll think of you doing the same.

  5. Oh, I know, I know, even an ocean away, the feeling of being in nature during these strange times. My favourite photo is the one with dewdrop leaves

  6. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. So many of us have been sharing about hiking. Most school days I never get outside so this is one nice thing. It does seem like everything is ok when I’m outside.

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely early morning walk. We’ve been walking in the afternoons, mostly because it seems too cold early, but now I’m thinking I may bundle up for a morning walk. Loved your dewdrops and your words, healing images and soothing balm for our times.

  8. So beautiful! Thank you for this! It will be several weeks before there are any signs of spring here. We have another snowstorm in the forecast for today, but warmer weather next week and I am planning to start getting out for daily walks in Wind Cave. I loved being able to walk vicariously with you today.

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