slice of life: meditation on a cup of tea

With distance learning now a part of my teaching life, I’m finding it very difficult to disconnect. Seeking a lack of stimulation, I turn to poetry.

This Slowdown podcast. featuring poet Craig Arnold’s Meditation on a Grapefruit, inspired me to meditate on my morning ritual.

I walk down the hall
refusing the light
running my fingers along the wall
till the curved edge guides me towards
the kitchen
where my cup is waiting.

I touch the switch
grab the kettle
pull a lever.
Tap water fills to
just below the spout and
I stop the flow
still and cold.

I unlatch the loop and stick that locks the bamboo box
where my tea
organized by type
sit in neat squares for my selection.
Ignoring the black Assam again
I choose green jasmine from the top middle box
leaving only two.

I tear the paper packet
not the sachet.
Pulling the tag it falls
into my floral china cup
that waits for boiling water.

Steam rising, bubbles banging
against stainless steel, I reach for the pot.
Water meets tea
making bag and string rise
saturated sink
to the bottom where
dried leaves open infusing water with
its gentle grassiness.

I lift my cup and blow
hurrying my first sip
remembering my mistakes
I wait
knowing patience makes for a good cup of tea.