slice of life: searching for a rhythm

The majority of my life revolves around a schedule. Now that routines have been interrupted, I’m yearning for a rhythm that makes me feel productive and purposeful.

It’s not what I need to do, that list is neverending.  It’s when. All of a sudden, time has no boundaries, so why hurry? With that mindset, it’s dinnertime, and I’m wearing my morning workout clothes.

I’m working on the details, but I have come up with a bit of order that will make my current routine more like my old one.

First and always, workout. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something that requires me to get out and move. Then, notice the world. Be on the lookout for the curious or beautiful. Stop and double back. Take a slightly different path.

My Friday Zoom meeting made me realize the value of being presentable. Not just for others, but for me. So, second, get ready to go somewhere, even if it’s virtually.  This requires a shower, a different outfit than the day before (ok, maybe the same jeans, but a different shirt), shoes (not slippers), makeup, and hair.

If it’s a weekday, I check in with my Google classroom. There is always something that needs further explanation or a link that doesn’t work and needs correction.

After that, it’s a muddle of responding to students mixed with planning for the next day.

I’m working on lunchtime before 3 pm. Reading at 3 and writing after dinner.

And in between all of it, repetitively letting my cat out, and back in.