slice of life: small wonders

Halfway through my run, I turn toward the ocean. A cruise ship is anchored a mile off the coast. Passengerless, it sits. I wonder about the crew. It looks festive shining in the early morning dawn. But what must that be like? Waiting. No destination. No purpose. This is my halfway mark.

The road flattens and the wind rips from the west. My eyes water and my stride slows. After a few blocks of picket-fenced homes, I reach the trailhead, and the sun rises.

My morning run is timed to finish with a walk through the trails. I crunch along an uneven path. I slow and stop to notice small wonders. IMG_9309

Magical lupine
above spiraling fronds that
will drip yellow bells

Floral intertwined
as a newlywed couple
joined in their first dance

16 thoughts on “slice of life: small wonders

  1. What a wonderful way to start your day, steeped in nature. (Perfect timing reaching the trailhead as the sun rises!) You mindfully pass your time observing your surroundings rather than ruminating on other things.

  2. A cruise ship feels incongruous next to the lovely picture and your poem celebrating nature. Yet the anticipation of the lupine’s forthcoming flowers anticipates a future voyage of the ship.

  3. Thanks for taking us on your run. Some of us are so lucky to have these spaces in which we can race, run, or tarry. So much of what we see during our ‘normal’ routines these days contains elements of surrealism. That empty cruise ship, ghost ship, is a classic example. Stay safe, stay healthy!!

    • The word tarry sums up so much of love as I knew it One of the things I notice in these times is how there is less to distract me and I’ve slowed down. The two combined Have made me see things
      that I’ve been missing. Silver lining?

  4. Your slice has me thinking about so much just because you included these nouns – cruise ship, lupine, newlywed couple, first dance. I wonder the same about that ship and all the ships right now. Whenever I see the word lupine, I think of the book, Miss Rumphius. So glas you included the photo because I’ve never actually seen a lupine before. And finally, my husband has been making a dystopian playlist and shared wit me The Talking Head song, Life During Wartimes. This band is a favorite of ours. So this morning, after listeing to Life During Wartimes, I also listening to the song we danced to at our wedding, This Must Be the Place by the Talking Heads. I think I know what I’ll write about tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to fast draft it a bit here! Have a good Friday. Be well!

    • Your comment contained so many slices of your life. How words conjure personal connections is one of the gifts of
      a life well lived. One thing leads to another and another. A string of pearls.

  5. I feel I had a private moment with you while this poem was beginning. Love this stanza: Floral intertwined
    as a newlywed couple
    joined in their first dance

    Keep writing poems.

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