slice of life: hidden lives wait

As I walk closer, the honking calls of peacock and peahens intensify. They have to be perched in this tree. Danny, Champion of the World by Roald Dahl with its trees full of pheasants comes to mind. I look up, knowing they are there, waiting for me to leave. Giving in to their patience, I move on. The flutter of wings and honks stop me. Two hens fly off. Now, I know there are more.

Finally, I see her.
A pointed head
Her breast and body
house a complex network of folded feathers,
engineered for efficiency and grace.
She looks out above the tree line
for her next roost.

Destination determined she takes flight.
Wings unfurl, and in seconds she secures her spot
where she agrees to show herself.

Framed against the blue dawn,
crown to beak
giving me
her best side.




2 thoughts on “slice of life: hidden lives wait

  1. I love “framed against the blue dawn.” I thought I heard peacocks one morning when we were talking but I forgot to ask.

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