slice of life: worn and unkempt treasures

Poetry feels like an essential service these days. It is a place to create meaning in unsettled times.

Some Things I Like by Lemn Sissay attracted me because it covets the unseemly. Confronting the uncomfortable is never easy. Especially now. This poem is contrary. It invites difficulty in and praises it.

Sissay’s poem begs me to see things that others might not cherish, but I do.

I like the safety of a cluttered desk and unemptied trash.
I like piles of dirty laundry,  waiting to be tended.
I like the white worn edges of an album cover.
I like unbound pages of a book slipped in place.
I like the escaping hair from a week-long, slept-on ponytail.
I like weeds reaching through a chainlink fence.
I like crooked eyeglasses and too-short, too-tight pants that are worn without knowing.
I like a blue tongue after sucking candy and playground blackness smudged on faces.
I like shoes used just short of the sole.