Day 26: Burning Questions

This March I’m “slicing” a piece of my teaching day every day with the Two Writing Teachers community.

slide1111454297503_e27946e4ff_hFor her DigiLit Sunday Link up, Margaret Simon @Reflections on the Teche asked, What’s your burning question?

I question my teaching practice every day. In most cases, the questions result in the next step in the classroom. But recently my questions have been drifting towards the needs of teachers. What keeps teachers afloat?

The moments of discovery, of wonder, of connections, of books are the things that keep me going. Those moments are about the process of learning and the joy of being with learners. But there are days when that joy is hard to find, and I question the effectiveness of the work, I wonder what difference is being made this day for this child. And dark storm clouds roll in. There are these days. And usually, the next day is better. Purpose and vision return.  But there are days when finding the light takes more than what I’ve got. I could blame testing for the darkness at the moment. I can look forward to the week after testing, telling myself, life will begin after testing. And, most likely, that will happen. In the meantime, I need to be reminded why I’m here; why I need to be.

Like magic, a Voxer message popped up from Mary Howard about an amazing book to preorder. Then another message from JoAnne Duncan with a must listen to a podcast.

Like magic, I clicked on it and found exactly what I needed. Peter Reynolds and Matthew Winner discussing Reynolds’ new book Happy Dreamer.

Peter’s words reminded me of why I’m here.

His message lives in the belief that we all have stories to tell. That we need to find our stories; with a little scaffolding and space, we will.  And that is why I’m here.

Ask questions and like magic, the world, or maybe your Voxer group, will answer.

In the end, it’s all about the stories we tell and those stories we need to listen to.